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This Service may be provided in the following settings:

1) The consumer’s home; or
2) The consumer’s community
3) Child Developmental Foster Homes or adult Developmental Homes (See Exclusions noted at DDD Medical Manual Policy 1240-A, Attendant Care and Homemaker (Direct Care Services)
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1) To assist the consumer to attain or maintain safe and sanitary living conditions and/or maintain personal cleanliness and activities of daily living.
2) To assist the consumer to remain in his/her home and/or participate in community activities.
3) Develop and implement a schedule and general plan of care (Attendant Care Agreement).

Provide assistance to maintain personal cleanliness and in activities of daily living that do not require medical supervision or intervention. Tasks may include but are not limited to:

Bathing, oral hygiene, toileting, bowel and bladder care; dressing; shampooing, ambulation; transfer to and from wheelchair and/or bed; Eating and meal preparation; Routine nail and skin care; Tasks necessary for comfort and safety of movement restricted consumers, and Assisting with special appliances and/or prosthetic devices.

Provide assistance by planning, shopping, storing, and cooking food for nutritional meals.

Assist consumer to participate in the community and activities of daily living (e.g., church, shopping).

Assist in providing appropriate attention to injury and illness; maintain skin integrity including the provision of first aid (i.e., prevention of pressure sores). Refer for appropriate action all consumers who present additional medical or social problems during the course of service delivery.

Assist with self-medication or medication reminders.

Provide assistance to attain or maintain safe and sanitary living conditions. Task may include but are not limited to:

Dusting, cleaning floors, bathrooms, oven, refrigerator, and windows (if necessary for safe or sanitary living conditions), cleaning kitchen, washing dishes, routine maintenance and cleaning of household appliances; changing linens and making bed, washing, drying and folding the consumer’s laundry (ironing only if necessary), shopping for and storing household supplies and medicines, taking garbage out, and other duties as determined appropriate and necessary by the consumer’s ISP team.

In unusual circumstances, the following tasks may be performed to attain safe living conditions:

Heavy cleaning such as washing walls or ceilings, yard work such as cleaning the yard and hauling away debris, assisting the individual in obtaining and/or caring for basic material needs for water hauling and food by hauling water for household use, gathering and hauling firewood for household heating or cooking including sawing logs and chopping wood into usable sizes, and caring for livestock used for consumption including feeding, watering and milking, and providing or insuring nutritional maintenance for the individual by planning, shopping, storing, and cooking foods for nutritious meals.

Providers SHALL NOT perform the following tasks:

Cleaning up after parties, cleaning up several days of accumulated dishes; preparing meals for the whole family, routine lawn care or major carpet cleaning. Attendant Care providers shall not provide cleaning to areas of the home not used by the individual, e.g., parent’s bedroom or sibling’s bathroom.

Attendant Care Providers shall not be provided when the individual is hospitalized except prior to discharge to allow the individual to return to a safe and sanitary environment.

Providers may not perform skilled medical tasks (ie. Nursing).

An Attendant Care companion shall not exceed 20% of the provider’s weekly time on housekeeping duties.

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